My name is Heather Laurie. My husband, Christopher and I have been married for 18 wonderful years. We have been blessed with 5 children, and 3 angels awaiting us in Heaven.

mid workshop picWe began our homeschooling journey over 13 years ago. My oldest was 5 and kindergarten was not ready for her. Too much go- go- go and too much ADHD showing to fit nicely into the classroom. My husband and I thought we would just homeschool for a year or so…. 5 children later and 13 years of homeschooling under our belt. We love it!

I started Special Needs Homeschooling because 4 of my 5 children were diagnosed with autism. Our homeschooling was filled with therapy, doctor’s appointments, and behavioral issues that others just didn’t understand. Later we found out that I and my children also have mitochondrial disease.

The ABC’s of a very complicated disease

Our homeschooling is unique and this journey had taken us to many unexpected places. We have homeschooled in the hospital, doctor’s offices, and therapy parking lots. The wide variety of problems the children are dealing with have left Chris and I uniquely positioned to cover first hand a large variety of problems.

I began my blog to reach out and help other families homeschooling with special needs. My blog Special Needs Homeschooling has grown since then bigger than I ever imagined. It now has a Facebook page and group that is highly active.

The same idea of support and encouragement towards the Mito Community. I have started a Facebook page and group for those affected by mitochondrial disease and a blog Mito Families!

I have spoken for years at homeschooling conventions all across the United States. From workshops, support groups, to key-note talks all sharing our experience and encouragement to other families. I also speak to medical professionals about mitochondrial disease, helping to advocate for complicated patients and better care.

Special needs homeschooling is a fast growing segment of the homeschooling movement and needs to be addressed.

Special Needs Homeschooling Speaker pageI have written several articles for The Old Schoolhouse, Crosswalk.com, several ezines, and several group blogs. Special Needs Homeschooling is also listed as a resource with Home School Legal Defense Agency and Autism Speaks!

My husband and I have been praying for years that our trials could be put to the Lord’s glory.

If we stand together encouraging and supporting one another we are stronger! You can homeschool your child no matter the limitation or special need they have!

You can do it!