Review: Straight Talk homeschooling speech therapy!

Straight Talk

A Parent’s Guide to Language Development

A Parent’s Guide for Correcting Childhood Mispronunciations

Written by Marisa J. Lapish, M.A. in Speech Pathology

and Tom and Sherry Bushnell, Directors of NATHHAN

$45 per manual (there are two separate manuals)

-$55 for the  (1)manual/DVD set.

This is truly an at home speech therapy program and a how to DVD! As I read through the material I could clearly remember many of these lessons in my childrens’ speech therapy sessions. There was a solid, clear path to understanding age appropriate sounds, testing, and correcting your child’s speech issues. I would feel very comfortable using this program if one of my little ones’ speech was delayed.

Straight Talk seems to be aimed at the under 10 age (intellect) range. I was happy to see that this program works on auditory skills (listening) and pronunciation (clear speech).There are print offs to encourage more work with language. Through out the manuals there is a wealth of information and encouragement.

There are several options to buy. You can buy the binder with the program for A Parent’s Guide to Language Development or A Parent’s Guide for Correcting Childhood Mispronunciations . You can also buy the A Parent’s Guide to Correcting Childhood Mispronunciations binder with a DVD.

I watched the DVD and didn’t get much from it because I have years of speech therapy with my children. I would not buy the DVD if you have already gone through speech therapy with your child and you are comfortable with giving your child therapy. In that case you will most likely do well with the manuals alone. If you have not had much experience with speech therapy or feel uneasy go ahead and get the DVD. It was informative and helpful.

I really liked this program as a whole speech/language learning program. It is strongly christian and gives you wonderful gems such as how to help your non-verbal child. Well written and a good value of time (you don’t have to spend in a therapist lobby) and money (how many copay verses this one time buy). Great job!

Straight Talk can be found on a wonderful site called NATTHAN.

3 Responses to Review: Straight Talk homeschooling speech therapy!
  1. Mrs. Hewett
    August 9, 2010 | 5:11 am

    Thank you for sharing this review. Can you tell me how it compares with the Super Star Speech program? I’ve read the descriptions of both but can’t tell which one would be best for my son. Any insight as to how they compare [strengths/weaknesses of each] will be greatly appreciated.

    Karen H

  2. Rebecca
    August 10, 2010 | 8:14 am

    I just found your blog…so happy! My dd was just diagnosed with Dyslexia…will be digging through to find info on your site!

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