Zounds sensory ideas!

This is a handout that I give at conferences. I ALWAYS run out of this one. I wanted to share it with everyone. Lots of ideas to help your sensory intense child!


Chalk-use dustless or a glove

Sensory intense visit to the beach. Oh, how she hated the sand!

Use white boards

Mechanical pencils are softer lead and will write easier for light writers.

Pencil grips can help reduce the pressure heavy handed kids put on their paper.

Stencils-they provide quick clear pictures for children struggling with fine motor issues.

Use textured paper to help encourage reluctant writers.

Use raised line papers for beginning writers.

Glue dots instead of liquid glue less mess, less problems with tactile defensive child.

Shaving cream on a cookie sheet. You can use this to help introduce tactile defensive children to more hand sensation. You can also use this for seekers where they draw out their letters.

Loop scissors for children that have fine motor control issues.

Ear Plugs, Ear muffs, Shirts with hoodies, toboggan hats.

Print off material on colored paper-yellow, red, orange to stimulate interest in a laid back child. Blues, greens, and gray to calm a child that is already excited and needs to calm to focus.

For strong visual kids put posters up where they play, like the US map, or the alphabet.

Having problems learning the alphabet, take your child outside to write it on the sidewalk or road. The rough surface provides tremendous feedback to help memory.

Use weighted blankets, vest, arm bands, or ankle bands to help provide proprioceptive feedback.

Jumping jacks, jumping rope, marching, jogging, running, going up and down stairs can all help calm the proprioceptive sense.

Stikki Wix, play dough, therapy dough all help the hands and fine motor control.

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  1. Jenna Watkins
    September 15, 2012 | 6:40 am

    I love this post. THANKS! I have a little boy with sensory integration disorder and am always open to suggestions to try with him during our homeschooling days. So glad I found this site!

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