The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner {review}

Entrepreneur at heart but organizational clutz by practice? Yeah, that is me. I am now a WAHM but I find that with the pressure of being chief homemaker, homeschooling teacher, and business lady I am missing some important things. I need help. 7 Minute Life has created a planner, The 7 Minute Life Daily Planner that I got to review.


7 Minute Life Daily Planner Review
I don’t know about you but for me on a good day I have a lot to do. If one of the kids is sick, or I am that adds more things to do. I start to sweat it when a couple of the kids need a 6-8 weeks of speech and/or OT therapy. Yeah… we are about to add those therapies to the plate. Lots to do but does it all need to be taken care of.

The 7 Minute Life starts with the idea that we all have lots going on whether in a business setting or at home. The trick is to list them ALL. Prioritize them. Get your ducks in order by organizing them according to your goals and life. Then simplify. What can you realistically do, what can you delegate, or what can you let go.

The beginning of this planner has several pages helping you understand how to use the planner and why. It is not your average planner. The set up is different and I do recommend you take the time to read the instructions. You can also find on The 7 Minute Life site lots of assistance and even Youtube videos to watch.

The 7 Minute Daily Planner

When you are ready no matter what day of the year dive in. One of the things I loved about this planner is there was no set date. You write in the date and day of the week and go. I liked that flexibility to the planner.

While I was using the planner I showed my husband Chris it. He was impressed. He said that with his ADHD this incremental small sets of goals throughout the day idea would be great for him. He also liked that there was an Unfinished Tasks portion of the daily log. Chris felt that by writing down what didn’t get accomplished that day was preparing him to finish it the next day. He said that would make him feel a lot less guilty about not getting to everything.

The 7 Minutes Daily Planner was a very sturdy wire bound planner. It had a heavy plastic outer cover to prevent coffee cup stains. ;)  The only slight problem I had was I tend to use a fine tipped sharpie to write because how weak my hand is. It bled through the paper. However pens, pencils, even colored pens were just fine when I tested them.

This planner would be highly helpful for the business person in your life. Are a multi-tasking highly stretched mom, especially a WAHM, you will find the planner helpful in maintaining priorities and order in your home. I can easily see how the micro-goals set throughout the day and a structured 90 day goal will help raise your productivity. The 7 Minute Daily Planner is a time management tool that could be well worth it’s weight in gold by helping you reach your inner organized supermom.

Format: Wire bound book (very sturdy construction)

Price: $24.95

Age Range: Adult~ Best for someone that is dealing with a business whether at home WAHM or in a normal setting.

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