Halloween & Gluten Free Treasure Hunt by Clued In Kids {review}

Clued in Kids hunts

Clued in Kids has created hands on easy to create treasure hunts in your home! Kinetic learning can be a great way to sink learning in for those kids struggling. We reviewed Halloween and Gluten Free treasure hunt. We had a great fun filled laughter filled afternoon with the Clued in Kids treasure hunts.

The treasure hunt is easy to set up “8 minutes to set up” says Clued In Kids and they are right. That is for you. For me in my wheelchair it took a bit more but was still pretty easy to put together.  I was a latchkey kid and never had a treasure hunt before. So I goofed up the first round of treasure hunting.

The instructions you are given are very simple and frankly having never done a treasure hunt I needed more advice. Treasure hunts are simple though and we fixed the problem. The Halloween treasure hunt was done while we were putting up fall decorations. It made for a fun laughter filled afternoon.

For those of you that don’t participate in Halloween this is not the treasure hunt for you. Skip on to the Gluten Free treasure hunt. Those that do go for the fun of Halloween this is a pleasant non-scary fun treasure hunt with pictures. No need to be worried about the scary horror side of Halloween.

The Halloween treasure hunt was full of weird, fun, happy things to do. At one point I had all my littles were howling on the back porch, wonder what the neighbors think. The treasure hunt was a great time and we loved it.


Clued In KidsReview
Gluten Free treasure hunt uses the clues to help kids understand why a gluten free diet is necessary. It was interesting to my kids even though we have been gluten free for almost 10 years. I could see this being used in a co-op setting to help the group understand better. The wide variety of ages and abilities will be needed to answer all the clues. The clue range from very easy to dividing fractions and word puzzles.

Clued In Kids has done a great job creating an easy to use, kinetic learning game for all ages. My children from ages 6 to 16 were involved and loved it. Lots of laughter was ringing through my house. The two treasure hunts we did were easy to use in the home hunts. That means I was not concerned about any of my children wandering. Whether your child has special needs or not you can adjust and make Clued in Kids treasure hunts work for your family!

Clued In KidsReview
——Treasure Hunt Product Links For Your Readers ——–
Baseball (printable):   http://cluedinkids.com/product/baseball-themed-treasure-hunt/

Christmas Treasure Hunt Greeting Card:  http://cluedinkids.com/product/happy-holiday-treasure/

Gluten-Free Treasure Hunt (printable): http://cluedinkids.com/product/gluten-free-printable-treasure-hunt/

Halloween (printable):  http://cluedinkids.com/product/halloween-printable-treasure-hunt/

Happy Tummy Treasure Hunt (printable):  http://cluedinkids.com/product/happy-tummy-treasure-hunt-printable/

Homework Reward Treasure Hun (printable):  Direct link: http://cluedinkids.com/product/homework-reward-printable-treasure-hunt/

Subscribing to their newsletter here will get you FREE hunt: http://cluedinkids.com/newsletter/)

Multiplication Dragons (printable):  http://cluedinkids.com/product/5-multiplication-dragon-treasure-hunts-2x-6x-tables/

Pirate Clue Book:  http://cluedinkids.com/product/pirate-treasure-hunt-clue-pad/

Playdate Clue Book:  http://cluedinkids.com/product/playdate-treasure-hunt-clue-pad/

Princess Clue Book:  http://cluedinkids.com/product/princess-treasure-hunt-clue-pad-2/

Slumber Party Clue Book:  http://cluedinkids.com/product/slumber-party-treasure-hunt-clue-pad/Soccer:

Thanksgiving (printable):  http://cluedinkids.com/product/gobble-gobble/

Winter (printable):  http://cluedinkids.com/product/winter-treasure-hunt/

Clued In KidsReview
Format: PDF, There are other kits and material you can buy but I did not review that material, just wanted you to know.

Age Range: A wide age range from your young ones up to the teens.

Price: (pdf) Halloween $9.95 (pdf) Gluten Free $5.99

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