Homeschooling Year 2015- 2016 Begins!

I have a SENIOR! I can easily remember the first day of homeschooling. Now here me and my gal sit facing the end of a rocky but ultimately wonderfully rewarding road. I am so glad we choose to homeschool.

Life with the Lauries

All 5 kids are homeschooling from 2nd grade up through senior year. That means a lot of work each day. This year seems to be much more awkward than last year. Last year the kids seemed to fit together in clumps as per subject. This year like the cat herd I lovingly call them they are all going in different directions.

Fall 2015 Life with the Lauries

One of my tips for dealing with different ages and different abilities is to have a couple of group subjects. Usually that is science and history. So far history has been pretty straightforward and simple. We are learning about Ancient Egypt. I am using Mystery of History for some deeper material. Lots of real books and found learning material for the rest. Here is the board on Pinterest where I have put quite a bit of the online Ancient Egypt finds.

Science as a stand alone subject has not been the best so far. Instead of throwing up my hands and walking away I have just folded it into our study of Egypt. What science did the Egyptians have? How did we use science to find out more about the Egyptians?

The whole cat mummy thing is weird to me though. ICK!

Reading and spelling are individual subjects this year. Except for literature class for my older kids right now. We are reading ‘To Kill A Mockingbird”. Depending on how this works and how much information is retained by my youngest of the group I will either continue to break them up to more appropriate reading selections.

Spelling is very ACT testing based for the older kids. For the middle and younger it is based on the here and now. What we are doing in the other subjects. The time of year. I love to teach spelling in a manner that is natural and immediately applicable to their work. I found a great way to start off Monday learning what your list will be for littles. Discovery Spelling where you write the words in white crayon on a blank sheet of paper and have them use crayons of bright colors to discover their spelling list.

We also got 3 fish for our homeschool room aquarium. One catfish-ish critter and 2 Cichlids. The only problem is one of the Cichlids is much bigger than the other and started pecking at the smaller fish like a chicken would. The smaller guy is now separated and we are trying to bulk him up and let him heal. Not sure what we are going to do about him long term if he can’t stay in the main aquarium. Any ideas fish loving people?

I goofed up our online math program. <sigh> Didn’t realize it until Monday morning when our sign in didn’t work. It will all work out just fine but I felt dumb for not even checking before Monday. Thankfully I have math worksheets always at the ready just in case something like this happens. Viola the kids got down to some serious review and renewal of math learning.

Week 1 2015


The lesson planner is working really well this year. I am still writing in pencil just in case. But we are going through a fair amount of work each day making my planner checklist easy to finish.

We even fit in canning 100lbs of tomatoes! Now we have 100lbs more…

Hubby is teaching the kids 2 days a week for me. He is also ready to jump in any day I don’t feel well. He starts everyday with our devotion. The weight of having to deal with all things 24/7 and being so sick has helped me tremendously.

As for the family business Special Needs Homeschooling we are making headway! The store on the blog is now OPEN with mp3s of a few of my workshops. We have many other products to add. So keep any eye out for more sensory items, books, and other material to help your homeschooling!

Also the family is going down to the Outer Banks in October and coming home through Norfolk/VA Beach where I was married and lived as a Navy family for a few years. We are open to speaking at support groups, co-ops, and as inspirational speakers for your church.

If you wish to have Chris or I speak at your event please contact us at SpecialNeedsHomeschooling @

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