Hospital; now Home at Christmastime

Update on the hospital stay… that is still going on! I am still showing signs of serious illness. Daddy is working from home AND homeschooling the kiddos. My OAMC is also providing a healthy gluten free meal for them to eat. Yeah for forethought!

As I am able I am getting together my recipes I rely on for OAMC and make ahead meals. Frugal cooking/shopping/occasional extreme shopping.

Here are the nasty germies that I am dealing with.

My view from home!

Staphylococcus Epidermus While this is a very normal bacteria I have gotten it several times. The Infectious diseases dr thinks that my body no longer sees it as bacteria and allows it to grow. No clear way to treat that.

Klebsiella Pneumoniae This is a known opportunistic germ. Grr and known to be more resistant to IV antibiotics than ‘normal’ germs.

There is also another germ that showed up in my blood but the lab is still culturing it to see exactly what it is.

Then of course the IV medications needed to kill these germs are very strong. And they can be almost as bad as the actual infection. I am grateful however that these medications exist and I can work to get healed.

UPDATE! I got to go home last night. Not sure yet if I will get to stay home. I have more labs to be drawn tomorrow and new cultures that must be negative. I am also borderline transfusion level and that would cause another hospital stay. So I wait and PRAY that my body is healing and I will be able to stay home for Christmas.


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