When Every Breath is a Blessing

When Every Breath is Precious

When my babies were small I would creep into their room and check to see if they were breathing. Then I would stand enthralled at the beautiful blessing the Lord had given me. Round chipmunk cheeks. Tiny kissable lips. And dream smiles that flickered across their face’s deep in sleep.

I love my babies.

I still do that every once in a while. I find myself, like in the book “Love you forever,” crawling across the floor to peek in on my much-to-old-to-be-mine children. Geesh where did the time go?

In the book “Love you Forever” a mother shows her love to her growing child by rocking them to sleep all through the stage of life right up to a college student. It is silly. The rhyming will get the whole family going by the second page. It will also bring you to tears. It’s been a favorite since my oldest was in diapers.

Then like another page from that book I woke up to find my daughter snuggled in beside me watching me.

Honey what are you doing?

Just watching.


Cause you seemed like you needed someone too. You forgot your air tubey.

I had gotten up in the night and when I laid back down I forgot to put my oxygen tube back on before falling asleep. She was right to help me get it back on. That is what our new life has taught us all. The need for oxygen lines. IVs hanging during homeschooling so I can be done with it by dinner. The dog even knows to go still if he gets tangled in the medical lines.

We had us time after she helped me put on my O2 line. My precious little one and I snuggled for a long time. Chatting. She showed me how to ninja fruit with ‘style’. Lots of fancy sounds have to go with the moves to make it ‘fancy.’

As we are walking along this path I realize that we short change our children, possibly especially our special needs children. I am not about to, nor am I telling you to, share in detail all things medical and dealing with the outcome of a terminal diagnosis. Instead being more aware is a great idea.

 Alert to Your Child’s Signs- Questions

 I am encouraging us both to be brave and answer even if we have to answer in tears.

From your Lips to Their Ears- Answers

You don’t want the gossip mill at the family reunion to be who tells your child grandpa has 6 weeks left.

When every breath is precious let us not waste any. Take the time to love those near you. There is purpose and peace to be found in every season of life. The path we as a family are on is not easy. But it is precious because we are together. Experiencing it with the knowledge that there is more to come. That this broken body is not the end of it all.

God bless!


Love You Forever

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